Immigration Medical Exam: Exclusionary Conditions

Winners of the Green Card Lottery are instructed by the Kentucky Consular Center to then apply for a visa to the United States.

While the registration for the Green Card Lottery is relatively simple and does not require a lot out of its applicants, the visa application is quite a bit stricter.

There are applications, examinations and interviews that immigrants must pass through in order to get a visa. This is true for all visa applicants and not just for Green Card Lottery Winners.

Many people who win the lottery are eventually disqualified during the visa application.

One part of the examination will be a physical health examination to determine if one is healthy enough for entry into the United States for permanent residency.

There are some conditions that may automatically exclude an immigrant from coming to the U.S.

Exclusionary Conditions

Not all of these conditions will result in automatic rejection, but one should know what to do to maintain eligibility.

  • Tuberculosis. Immigrants who test positive for tuberculosis must supply a certificate from their doctor that shows that they were properly treated for their condition.
  • Syphilis. Immigrants who have had syphilis in the past must show that they were properly treated for the disease. An explanation for no treatment must also be submitted if that is the case.
  • Mental illness, substance abuse, history of violent behavior. Immigrants with any of these conditions must provide certification showing their treatment and prognosis to the immigration doctor.
  • Chronic Illness. Immigrants with chronic illnesses which may or may not involve the regular intake of drugs, should be familiar with their disease and the medication they take.

After passing the medical examination, immigrants are even closer to becoming permanent residents of the United States!