Make the Best of the Green Card Lottery!

Though the Green Card Lottery is an annual program and it is available once every year, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend time preparing.

Simple mistakes in the registration period will prevent you from winning the Green Card Lottery until a later year.

Before, this wasn’t such a great concern if you had the time. If you didn’t mind waiting you could apply year after year, feeling only moderately disappointed when you didn’t win, but this may prove to be the last year of the Green Card Lottery.

The United States Congress, the part of the government responsible for coming up with a great deal of Immigration policy, is seriously considering cancelling the Green Card Lottery to make way for other improvements in the system.

It is somewhat unlikely that the Congress will end the program this year or even the next, but anyone looking to apply for the Green Card Lottery should be aware that it is on the chopping block.

So how does one make the best of the Green Card Lottery?

Apply now!

There is no better time than the present to apply for the Green Card Lottery. Although the official application period doesn’t begin for another month or so, you can sign up with and you’ll be registered as soon as the period opens up.

File Right!

Pay special attention to the instructions on how to apply for the Green Card Lottery. Even very slight mistakes can result in your elimination from the lottery. is specifically designed to help you put your registration application together so that you won’t get automatically thrown out for a careless reason.

Be Patient!

All immigration processes are time consuming, but the fortunate thing is that the Green Card Lottery is relatively quick. Apply today and get started on your journey to the United States!