Immigration Medical Exam: Doctors

Winners of the Green Card Lottery will be able to proceed to the process of applying for the actual immigration visa.

Without this immigration document, the winners will not be admitted to the United States.

The application process is very similar to that of any other visa applicant regardless of their basis of immigration.

Part of the process is a medical examination. The purpose of this step is to see if the applicant is healthy enough to come to the United States and become a permanent resident.

This examination cannot be conducted by any doctor. Rather, the United States Department of State and Citizenship and Immigration Services require that the doctor be from their list of civil surgeons.

What Is a Civil Surgeon?

Civil surgeons are medical doctors who have been chosen and designated by the United States government to be official medical consultants for the immigration process.

In order to become a civil surgeon, these doctors must apply and be qualified by the appropriate authorities.

Their duties include the administration of various health tests including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Tuberculosis tests
  • Permanent Residence health requirements
  • Assessments of mental health
  • Assessments of substance abuse
  • Assessment of syphilis and Hansen’s disease
  • Other requirements of the Center for Disease Control

How to Find a Civil Surgeon

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) maintain a civil surgeon locator for the U.S. on their website. This is to be used by immigrants who are already in the United States and who are adjusting their status to permanent resident.

Residents of other countries should contact the consulate or embassy nearest to them, during their visa application process to find a nearby civil surgeon who can qualify them for an immigration visa.

Green Card Lottery winners will mostly be in contact with foreign diplomatic missions during this process, as this examination may not be conducted in the United States for them.