Cultural Activities: Fashion in the U.S.

People from around the world are familiar with American fashion, but did you know that one of the most distinctive features of American fashion was invented by an immigrant?

The United States in the 1800s saw a huge influx of immigrants from all over the world and Levi Strauss was one from Germany.

Strauss identified a need for durable and tough trousers for the gold prospectors in California and invented denim blue jeans which have since become iconic American apparel. Levi’s Jeans are of course a part of the company that Strauss invented.

At Work

Work clothing is relatively standardized within the United States. However, what style is supposed to be worn is largely dependent on what the job is.

Some jobs require the use of a uniform, an outfit dictated by the company itself. Nurses, retail employees and factory workers often wear uniforms.

Many professionals are allowed to dress in what is called business casual. This is generally a shirt that buttons and slacks for both genders. There is quite a great deal of variation in business casual though.

Formal wear is for high ranking positions and is typically a suit and tie for men or a pantsuit for women.

At Home

Outside of work nearly all forms of dress are acceptable.

There are many forms of informal American dress in the United States. The features of these styles are completely dependent on the ancestry of the person, their age and their culture.

Cowboy-chic is popular in the American West and is composed of blue jeans, cowboy hats and boots.

Religious Dress

If your religion requires a certain type of outfit inside or outside of your place of worship, this is acceptable and allowed.

It is not legal to be discriminated against based on one’s religious clothing in the United States.