Why Some Countries are Ineligible for Green Card Lottery 2014

The Green Card Lottery is a tremendous opportunity if you are foreign national looking to attain a permanent resident card but don’t have a U.S. citizen family member who could be a sponsor nor a job offer in the U.S. waiting for you.

If you are native of one of the countries that is not eligible for the Green Card Lottery, it might all appear to be a little unfair to you. But the purpose of the lottery is to provide an opportunity for precisely those people who wouldn’t be able to get a Green Card otherwise.

The Green Card lottery’s official name is the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program for a reason. By law, no Diversity visas can be given to people who are natives of countries with historically high-admissions into the U.S. The definition of a country with high-admission is a country that has had a total of 50,000 people admitted into the country in the last five years through either the Family-Sponsored or the Employment-Based visa program.

Every year, the USCIS, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, is the federal agency assigned with the task of adding up the admission numbers from the last five years to find out which countries will be ineligible. Since this process is done every year, the ineligible countries could vary year-to-year.

Check if you are from one of the eligible countries and register for the DV-2014 Green Card Lottery today!