Green Card Lottery 2014 Coming Soon

You’re only a few weeks away from registration for the 2014 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV-2014). Registration officially opens on October 2nd at noon and ends on November 3rd at noon. But the good news is that you can actually apply right now.

If you apply now, it will ensure that you are turning in your application on-time. Because the registration period only takes place for 30 days out of the year, people who qualify can find it difficult to gather all the materials and submit them during this short time frame. This is the reason why we let you submit your application with us all year round.

You must keep your information safe. After you turn in your application, you will not be able to check the status of your entry until six months after in May 2013. This means that you have to keep your confirmation number in a safe place. Looking for paperwork frantically in desk drawers around the house or running a thousand document searches on your computer is never pleasant.

Through the Green Card Lottery, the United States Department of State gives out 50,000 green cards each year to eligible applicants from eligible countries. Since this lottery could grant you a permanent resident card, it’s wise to begin the application process as soon as possible.

We can help you apply for the DV-2014 today!

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