DOS Selects More DV-2013 Entrants Starting Oct. 1

It’s perfectly reasonable for you to feel down on your luck because you were not selected for the Green Card Lottery, DV-2013. But things could be looking up for you; you might still have a shot!

The Department of State will select more entrants for the Diversity Visa Program starting October 1, 2012. Once again, selectees will be picked at random.

This only applies to you if you submitted your entry to the Green Card Lottery last year between October 4, 2011 and November 5, 2011 for the DV 2013 and you have checked your status and were not one of the selected entrees.

Because you have been able to check your status since May, by now, you might have pulled your hair out a few times in a fit of rage. If not that, perhaps you have lost all hope. Either way, it’s best to take advantage of this opportunity the Department of State is giving all entrants not previously selected. This time, luck could be on your side.

You can begin checking your status again in just a few weeks. Remember that you have to be on top of this and check your status on your own. You will not receive an email letting you know that you have been selected. Got Questions? Enter them in the box below and we’ll get back to you.

Enter your entry information and check your green card lottery results!