US Diversity Visa Lottery Guide — Part One

Immigration processes can sometimes be outright confusing and that is why has put together an US Diversity Visa Lottery Guide to help our customers through the complicated phrasing of government forms.

Green Card Lottery Eligibility

In May (of Year One of the process), the State Department announces the countries that will be allowed to enter the lottery. The location requirement can be fulfilled if you, your spouse or one of your parents are from one of these countries.

You also must be able to meet an education requirement. This can be fulfilled with a high school diploma or two years of experience in a job that took at least two years to train for.

Lottery Application

Between early October and early November of the first year of the application process the registration period for the Green Card Lottery opens. Applications are only accepted online.

The short period of time that the registration period is open for is an excellent reason to use Because we accept your application any time of the year, you can take your time filling out the forms and making sure that all of the information is correct, which will significantly decrease frustration when the registration period arrives.

When you register for the Green Card Lottery, you will be presented with a confirmation screen upon completion of the form. The confirmation number included in this screen is incredibly important to keep safe. Without this number it will be impossible to check whether or not you have won the Green Card Lottery.

Part Two Coming

By winning the Green Card Lottery, you are effectively given a chance to apply for Permanent Residency in the United States. This is the second part of the application process that takes place in the second year of the application process.