When will the 2013 Winners be Announced?

Winners of the Green Card Lottery who registered in 2012 will be announced on May 1, 2013.

The 2013 Green Card Lottery had its registration period in Fall of 2011 and had its winners announced on May 1, 2012. However, there was a second announcement of winners again in October of 2012.

When the State Department selects winners of the Green Card Lottery they usually select about 100,000 randomly and out of these winners about 50,000 are given Green Cards after they file their adjustment of Status paperwork.

When applying for the Green Card Lottery it is extremely important to take a screenshot or otherwise save the confirmation number page that is presented at the end of registration. This number is essential in May when applicants wish to check whether or not they have won the lottery.

Each applicant is given only one confirmation number and it cannot be replaced. Attempts to register again to get a new confirmation number or to increase one’s chances of winning the Green Card Lottery will result in the disqualification of both of the applications.

USAGreenCardLottery.org, as a part of its services to customers, retains the confirmation number given to registrants to add a level of safety and security.

Immigrants looking to register for the Green Card Lottery this year will be notified as to when the registration period will begin on May 1, 2013. Generally, the registration period is in the fall, but with USAGreenCardLottery.org you can fill out the forms any time of year to be ready for the brief registration window.

The State Department’s Diversity Visa Program is designed to bring greater diversity to the United States immigration system and is granted by the United States Congress.