Winning the Green Card before Getting Married

Many people are attracted to the Green Card Lottery because of its ability to help you move your family to the United States as well.

If you are already married you can put your spouse and any children you have on your application and they can come with you to America after you win the lottery and complete the required Green Card application.

You and your spouse can even file simultaneously for the Green Card Lottery to get a slightly better chance of winning the lottery.

However, if you have not married yet, but are engaged, this is a little more complicated. There are still options for you in how you wish to proceed in applying for the Green Card Lottery.

Getting married during the Green Card Lottery process can be somewhat difficult because you will have to inform the State Department and eventually Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of your marriage and provide extensive proof of your relationship.

Regardless of how you go about the process of helping your spouse immigrate, you will have to provide a significant amount of proof, but during the Green Card Lottery process the immigration officials may be particularly wary of marriages of convenience.

If, say, you remain single during the entire Green Card Lottery process and immigrate to the United States without your fiancé, there are ways to help them immigrate even though they did not come with you.

You have a choice of where to get married. If you get married outside of the United States you would then petition for your spouse to enter the country with Form I-130.

If you wish to get married in the United States you can have your spouse enter the United States under a fiancé visa, and then, when the marriage is complete, you can file your Form I-130.