So I Won the Green Card Lottery

“So I won the Green Card Lottery. What now?”

You’re over the first real obstacle in immigrating to the United States. Once you have checked with the US State Department online (you’ll need your confirmation number), you will then wait for a reply from the State Department initiating your adjustment of status proceedings.

Immigrating to the United States from outside of the country will mean that you will be interacting mostly with the US consulate nearest to you, likely in your own country. You should receive a Green Card Lottery packet with all the necessary documentation you will need to file.

Now that you have won the Green Card Lottery, you effectively have your place saved for you in line.

If you haven’t registered for the Green Card Lottery yet, apply today!

“What will I need for the Adjustment of Status Process?”

When you apply for Permanent Residence in the United States you will be asked to provide a variety of information and documentation:

  • Birth Certificates,
  • Passport Pages,
  • Information about your spouse and children,
  • Your immigration history,
  • Identification documents,
  • Two passport-style photographs (the specifications are very detailed and you should view the consulate’s packet for more information).

You may be asked for additional information throughout the process. Submit only copies of documents unless otherwise stated.

“How Long Until I Get to Move to the US?”

A short answer is less than two years. Really, you’ll be given your Green Card two years after you registered for the Green Card Lottery.

However, you cannot immigrate to the United States until you have completed the Adjustment of Status paperwork.