Top Five Ways to Come to the US

  1. Probably the most popular method for coming to the United States is through the Green Card Lottery. Every year millions of people apply for the lottery and its slightly competitive nature brings some excitement and strategy to the game.A limited set of requirements makes this one of the easiest immigration possibilities available.
  2. Tourist/Business Visa—A very popular way to come to the United States is as a visitor. The United States is a huge country and there are many excellent tourist destinations and the many large cities strewn across the landscape afford businesspeople the opportunity to work in a new and refreshing location.The down side to this visa type is that full immigration is not allowed and visitors must return home when their trip is finished.
  3. H-1b Visa—An extremely popular visa because of the opportunity to immigrate after arriving in the US as a non-immigrant is the H-1b visa. Skilled workers can get jobs in the United States on a temporary basis and, eventually, parlay this residence into permanent residency, also known as a green card.There are a limited number of these visas available and they often run out of spots in the summer.
  4. Fiancé—Oh to be young and in love in America. To be in love at any age! There’s no reason at all for you and your fiancé to be separated for very long at all. With fiancé visas you can marry your US citizen spouse as a non-immigrant and later file for adjustment of status to conditional permanent resident.After two years of marriage, the conditions are generally dropped.
  5. Family Visas—The United States believes strongly in family re-unification and by that token immediate relatives are given priority in the immigration system and are therefore a rather enviable relation.