New Green Card Lottery Photograph Validator

We receive questions constantly from people who would like to know how to increase their odds for the Diversity Visa Program, or the Green Card lottery. We have one quick tip: Make sure you are submitting the right photograph!

It seems like it is all about having luck. The Department of State only allocates 50, 000 green cards each year to eligible applicants from eligible countries. It is known as a lottery because millions of people around the world apply.

However, one of the reasons many people lower their chances, or end their chances all-together, at winning a green card could be easily avoided. Many people make mistakes with the photographs they submit. Not following the strict guidelines that the Department of State has set could be the only thing that will cause you to have bad luck.

You have to submit a recent picture that shows you directly facing the camera and showing nothing below the shoulders. The head’s height has to be between 50% and 68% of the total height of the picture, and the eye height has to be between 56% and 69% of the total height of the picture.

Gauging the percentages and the heights of a photograph is tedious, and the calculations might feel like something the Department of State just nitpicks at, but it’s very important that you follow the rules set-forth.

Our new Green Card lottery photograph validator lets you check your image for free. This will check if your photograph is up to standards, and it will definitely help your chances.

Ensure your photo meets the requirements using our free green card photo validator tool.