Cultural Activities: Summer Fun

The United States, being in the northern hemisphere, experiences its hottest temperatures during June, July and August. Although not all regions of the United States experiences four full seasons, the summer months are considered to be the time to enjoy the nice weather and to get out and have some fun.

School Break

The school systems in the United States mostly run on nine month school years which begin in late August or early September to the end of May or early June. During the summer months children have time off to do whatever they please.

Because of this, families often organize family vacations during these months so that their children’s schooling is not interrupted.


Getting away from home and work to travel and enjoy other places is not only fun, but it’s good for one’s well-being. With a Green Card from the USCIS you have the option to travel wherever you want in the United States without the need for any additional immigration documentation. However, if you wish to travel outside of the United States, you may want to make the USCIS aware of your intentions.

There are many different places that people choose to visit during their vacations:

  • Beaches or waterfronts
  • Large cities with museums or other tourist attractions
  • Family members in other regions of the country
  • National parks for camping or sight-seeing
  • Amusement parks such as Disney Land, Disney World or one of the Six Flags parks located throughout the United States

Summer fun in your neighborhood

You don’t necessarily have to leave your home to have a good time during the summer months, there are all kinds of great ways to enjoy some time off right in your home town. Often times these breaks are called staycations.

These special events involve getting away from one’s normal routine even without travelling which results in the same kind of relaxation one experiences on a full vacation.