Naturalization Guide Now Available!

Naturalization is the process of becoming a citizen of the United States and the next step in full immigration to the United States.

Many people who apply for the Green Card Lottery have the ultimate goal of becoming a full citizen of the United States in mind. With citizenship, an immigrant cannot be deported and they have full access to the benefits of the United States government.

This useful naturalization guide can help you plan for your future application to become a citizen of the United States after you get your Green Card through the Green Card Lottery. The guide includes information about:

  • The Citizenship Application, Form N-400.
  • Requirements that immigrants must meet before applying for citizenship.
  • The citizenship interview. All potential naturalized citizens must go through an interview to determine their eligibility to become a full member of the United States.
  • The citizenship test. Citizens are expected to be relatively proficient in the English language and knowledgeable about the history, government and culture of the United States.
  • The citizenship ceremony and the Oath of Allegiance.

With this guide you can also learn more about what you will need to do after you become a citizen.

Benefits of Citizenship

Citizens enjoy many of the same benefits that permanent residents have, but there are some additional rights which many immigrants find to be very advantageous.

Citizens are entitled to United States passports which allow them to travel anywhere in the world with the full protection and backing that the US would provide any of its other citizens.

Whereas permanent residents must seek parole for trips abroad which are expected to take a long time, citizens can travel abroad for as long as they choose. The status of citizenship does not expire and the only way that it can be revoked is if the status is found to have been obtained fraudulently.