Cultural Activities: Religious Services

Religious freedom is very important to people in the United States. So much so that it is written into the founding documents of the country’s government!

Immigrants who have moved to the United States recently may find a helpful and supportive community of people in one of the many religious institutions available in the United States.

Religion in the United States

From a technical standpoint, Christians are the most populous religion in the United States, but there are so many different variations of Christianity that it is somewhat difficult to group them all together.

There are also large groups of nearly every other religion on earth as well. Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Baha’i, and many other religions have firm footholds throughout the United States.

Recently it has been discovered that one of the fastest growing religious affiliations in the country is “no religion”, meaning that they do not subscribe to one religion or another. This is perfectly legal and protected in the United States.

Religious Communities

If you already adhere to a religion when you enter the United States it is very likely that there is an institution nearby where you can go and worship. Many institutions also offer other events associated with the community.

Regular parties, or get-togethers, meet-and-greets and other social occasions occur alongside the usual devotional activities.

Traditionally, the church was the center of towns in the United States. They were the center of the town’s culture, social life and spiritual development. This isn’t a particularly uncommon concept in other religions. An excellent example of this in another religion is the role of the Mosque in Islamic countries.

However, in recent years, the concept of the church as being the center of town has become somewhat antiquated. Though this may be true, it does not detract from the fact that religion is an excellent place to find community in the United States.