Green Card Lottery 2014 Coming Soon

You’re only a few weeks away from registration for the 2014 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV-2014). Registration officially opens on October 2nd at noon and ends on November 3rd at noon. But the good news is that you can actually apply right now.

If you apply now, it will ensure that you are turning in your application on-time. Because the registration period only takes place for 30 days out of the year, people who qualify can find it difficult to gather all the materials and submit them during this short time frame. This is the reason why we let you submit your application with us all year round.

You must keep your information safe. After you turn in your application, you will not be able to check the status of your entry until six months after in May 2013. This means that you have to keep your confirmation number in a safe place. Looking for paperwork frantically in desk drawers around the house or running a thousand document searches on your computer is never pleasant.

Through the Green Card Lottery, the United States Department of State gives out 50,000 green cards each year to eligible applicants from eligible countries. Since this lottery could grant you a permanent resident card, it’s wise to begin the application process as soon as possible.

We can help you apply for the DV-2014 today!

Getting a Green Card with


Why Some Countries are Ineligible for Green Card Lottery 2014

The Green Card Lottery is a tremendous opportunity if you are foreign national looking to attain a permanent resident card but don’t have a U.S. citizen family member who could be a sponsor nor a job offer in the U.S. waiting for you.

If you are native of one of the countries that is not eligible for the Green Card Lottery, it might all appear to be a little unfair to you. But the purpose of the lottery is to provide an opportunity for precisely those people who wouldn’t be able to get a Green Card otherwise.

The Green Card lottery’s official name is the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program for a reason. By law, no Diversity visas can be given to people who are natives of countries with historically high-admissions into the U.S. The definition of a country with high-admission is a country that has had a total of 50,000 people admitted into the country in the last five years through either the Family-Sponsored or the Employment-Based visa program.

Every year, the USCIS, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, is the federal agency assigned with the task of adding up the admission numbers from the last five years to find out which countries will be ineligible. Since this process is done every year, the ineligible countries could vary year-to-year.

Check if you are from one of the eligible countries and register for the DV-2014 Green Card Lottery today!


DOS Selects More DV-2013 Entrants Starting Oct. 1

It’s perfectly reasonable for you to feel down on your luck because you were not selected for the Green Card Lottery, DV-2013. But things could be looking up for you; you might still have a shot!

The Department of State will select more entrants for the Diversity Visa Program starting October 1, 2012. Once again, selectees will be picked at random.

This only applies to you if you submitted your entry to the Green Card Lottery last year between October 4, 2011 and November 5, 2011 for the DV 2013 and you have checked your status and were not one of the selected entrees.

Because you have been able to check your status since May, by now, you might have pulled your hair out a few times in a fit of rage. If not that, perhaps you have lost all hope. Either way, it’s best to take advantage of this opportunity the Department of State is giving all entrants not previously selected. This time, luck could be on your side.

You can begin checking your status again in just a few weeks. Remember that you have to be on top of this and check your status on your own. You will not receive an email letting you know that you have been selected. Got Questions? Enter them in the box below and we’ll get back to you.

Enter your entry information and check your green card lottery results!


New Green Card Lottery Photograph Validator

We receive questions constantly from people who would like to know how to increase their odds for the Diversity Visa Program, or the Green Card lottery. We have one quick tip: Make sure you are submitting the right photograph!

It seems like it is all about having luck. The Department of State only allocates 50, 000 green cards each year to eligible applicants from eligible countries. It is known as a lottery because millions of people around the world apply.

However, one of the reasons many people lower their chances, or end their chances all-together, at winning a green card could be easily avoided. Many people make mistakes with the photographs they submit. Not following the strict guidelines that the Department of State has set could be the only thing that will cause you to have bad luck.

You have to submit a recent picture that shows you directly facing the camera and showing nothing below the shoulders. The head’s height has to be between 50% and 68% of the total height of the picture, and the eye height has to be between 56% and 69% of the total height of the picture.

Gauging the percentages and the heights of a photograph is tedious, and the calculations might feel like something the Department of State just nitpicks at, but it’s very important that you follow the rules set-forth.

Our new Green Card lottery photograph validator lets you check your image for free. This will check if your photograph is up to standards, and it will definitely help your chances.

Ensure your photo meets the requirements using our free green card photo validator tool.


What Is an Affidavit and How Do I Use One?

Sometime during the process of applying for your green card you may find yourself in need of some kind of proof in the form of an affidavit. While the name may be unfamiliar and appear to be complicated, affidavits are surprisingly simple.

The word “affidavit” is derived from modified Latin from Medieval Europe and simply means that the particular document has been signed under oath. That is the general purpose and action of the document. By signing the document under oath it is assumed that the statement is true. What should stop people from lying in these documents is the fact that if it is found out that the statement is untrue the signer will be put on trial for perjury (lying to a court) so it is a bad idea to lie with an affidavit.

Affidavits are an easy and convenient way to prove the truth of your statements.

The affidavit document includes the signature of the “affiant” or the person signing the document; the various statements that the affiant is claiming to be true; a statement that says that all of the above is correct and true and if it isn’t the affiant will be punished somehow; a certification that the oath was made on a particular date; and the signatures of both the affiant and the witness. The witness happens to be the most important part of this document and is generally a notary public. Notary publics are the officials necessary to oversee the affidavit signing. You can find notary publics just about anywhere, most often in post offices.

Affidavits are useful for when you need to prove a particular event even though there might not be any official documentation that proves it. A classic example of a situation where an affidavit is necessary: Say you need a birth certificate, but the region from where you’re from doesn’t distribute birth certificates. However, at the time of your birth your grandmother and a midwife were both present and witnessed your birth. If you have an affidavit signed by your grandmother and the midwife it effectively takes the place of a birth certificate in the court’s eyes.

This is only one example of how to use an affidavit, but there are many other ways that they can be used. Get creative!


Lottery Results for the Green Card Lottery

I’ve been hearing a lot of folks lately asking how they will know if they have won the Green Card Lottery. What this indicates to me is that there are still a few folks out there who aren’t using our helpful service! When you use we’ll let you know whether or not you have won just as soon as that information is available. It’s just one of the many useful services that we provide to our customers.

Generally, when you are checking for whether or not you have won, you would visit the State Department’s website for the Diversity Visa (Their name for it. Frankly, Green Card Lottery just sounds more fun). You would type in the confirmation number that they provided to you when you registered and it would inform you if you had won or not, whether or not you should proceed in the green card process.

If this seems like a bit of a hassle and you begin to feel some sense of trepidation regarding surfing the State Department’s site for these pages, I don’t blame you. I’m much prefer to just be informed of the matter, but the government just doesn’t do that. However, does! So although I hope that you do win the Green Card Lottery, if you don’t I seriously recommend that you let us help you through the registration and application process next time!


How Do You Get a Green Card?

People often have a rather limited idea of how to get a green card. If you are trying to gain permanent resident status in the United States you should probably know of the different ways by which you can get a green card. There isn’t just one way, you have options.

The Green Card Lottery

This immigration visa is by far the easiest route to a green card if you are eligible. If you are from a country that has a relatively low emigration rate to the United States, the State Department is much more willing to grant you a visa because if will diversify the immigration profile of the United States. Take a look at our site for more information regarding the green card lottery.

Green Card through Employment

Getting a green card through a job is probably one of the most coveted ways by which you can attain permanent status. How this works is that you find an employer in the United States who wants to employ you because they cannot find someone already in the country who can do the job and then you apply for permanent status. There are many people who get green cards through H category non-immigrant visas, so this may be an alternate route that you may want to investigate.

Green Card through Family

This green card category is much favored by the United States because it is designed to re-unite families, something that the moral character of the nation wishes to accomplish. It is also one of the more well-known routes by which someone can get a green card. People eligible for this category in descending order of priority: spouses, children and then parents. Generally, siblings or more distant relatives are not eligible for this class of immigration visa.

A Helpful E-Book to Guide You to Your Green Card

There are a few other classes of green cards that you may be eligible for though these are for rather rare and specific cases. This is intended to just give you a taste. For more detailed information on how to get a green card we offer a helpful online book that gives some pretty useful information and resources to help you further investigate your quest for legal permanent status!


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When Can I Register for the Green Card Lottery?

On Wednesday a reader commented on the blog and asked when the registration period for the next green card lottery is and how to go about winning the lottery itself. Well, the first part of this question is rather easy to answer.

You can register for the green card lottery on October 2, 2012 at precisely noon and you will have to be quick about it because registration closes just a short month later on November 3, 2012 at noon.

The way the lottery works is you register during the registration period, the following month is used for selecting the winners randomly and then a selection notification letter will be sent to you. Generally you will schedule your visa interview one year after the start of registration. If everything goes well to this point you will then be allowed to enter the United States and get your green card!

Now, regarding tactics for increasing your chances of winning the green card lottery, you’ll have to understand what can go wrong. Forms are often rejected because they were sent in incomplete or the photographs did not conform to the rather strict standards that the State Department uses. Be sure to follow the instructions very carefully.

If you need help, offers to help you submit your green card lottery application correctly and will even notify you automatically if you win for a nominal fee. This is something the State Department does not do. The fee is well worth it because it will save you from the anxiety you might experience wondering whether or not you’ve properly applied or whether or not your application has been rejected.

Ask a question in the comments at the bottom and I’ll be glad to answer it for you in the form of a blog just like this one! Thanks Asim Philip!