Green Card Lottery Plusses

The Green Card Lottery is a very popular program for many reasons. Every year 50,000 people win green cards in the program and millions actually register for the program.

However, people sometimes wonder what it is that sets the Green Card Lottery ahead of all of the other immigration programs provided by the United States government.

Below we’ll elaborate on some of the more obvious reasons:

No Family Ties? No Problem!

A lot of immigration to the United States is based on family members. Foreign residents who have relatives who are permanent residents or citizens in the U.S. can have those relatives sponsor their immigration into the country.

However, if you don’t have any relatives in the U.S., you’re denied a large chunk of the available visas during the year.

Employment Immigration

There are some immigration categories that are reserved for people to immigrate for economic reasons. If they can find a job in the United States, they can immigrate.

The problem with these categories is that the U.S. government rigorously examines an immigrant’s case before they can come into the U.S. to work.

Immigrants effectively have to show that there is no one in the entire population of the United States who can do the job they are offering to do.

This is an extremely difficult thing to prove and is largely impossible for most people unless they have very specific and highly specialized skills.

Diversity in Immigration

Here we have reached the crux of the benefits of the Green Card Lottery.

By letting pretty much anyone register for the program they aren’t discriminating against immigrants by requiring them to have a certain status or a certain grade of education.

The Green Card Lottery is a program truly founded in equality as the United States was.