Green Card Lottery Is Coming to a Close

The Green Card Lottery, a diversity immigration program that was started in the 1990s, may be phased out completely over the next year to make room for other immigration programs.

This year’s Green Card Lottery registration period ends on November 2 and the immigration visas for this lottery will be distributed in 2014 and 2015 after the winners of the lottery have been selected and eligible applicants have been accepted.

The United States Congress has been recently discussing the potential closing of the Green Card Lottery in favor of assigning the green cards that would go to diversity to a more merit based program. Specifically, they are thinking about giving these green cards to graduates in science, engineering, technology and mathematics.

The logic behind this idea is that by encouraging educated people (in fields that are perceived to be in demand) to come to the United States, America will become stronger economically.

People who oppose the change site that the new program doesn’t have the same sort of spirit that the United States has promoted for so long.

Traditionally, the United States has been seen as a land of opportunity. Somewhere where people with nothing can come and build themselves up and improve their lives. The so-called STEM programs expect immigrants to come to the United States already improved.

Regardless of the political thoughts surrounding the Green Card Lottery, the registration period does end soon and people who wish to enter the program must apply during this registration period to be entered into the Green Card Lottery.

As this season could be the last, it would behoove you to enter into the program as soon as possible!