Green Card Lottery 2013 – Selected Applicants

The Diversity Visa lottery is conducted every year, under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Through the DV lottery program, 50,000 permanent resident visas are made available to people belonging to countries with low rates of immigration to America. The winners of the DV-2013 program have been registered and certified by the Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, Kentucky.

The number of winning applications is around 105,628. But not all these selected applicants will receive an immigrant visa to the United States. Only half the number will qualify for an immigrant visa. People who had applied for an immigration visa through this program may check their status, using the confirmation number, through the entrant status check on the E-DV website. If they find that they had been selected, they may file a petition for an immigrant visa.

The total number of qualified applicants who registered for the DV-2013 program was 7,941,400 (12,577,463 with derivatives). These applications were received during the 30-day application period from October 4, 2011 to November 5, 2011. The applications registered through the Green Card lottery program 2013, have been selected from the 7,941,400 applications. The KCC has distributed the visas among six geographic regions. It is distributed in such a way that a maximum of seven percent of the visas will be made available to individuals born in a single country.

The principal visa applicant will be required to submit a proof of a high school graduation or an equivalent, during the visa interview. If the applicant is not a high school graduate, he must show two years of work experience in a job that requires at least two years of training, in the past five years. Derivatives of the principal applicant such as spouse and children, who wish to accompany or follow the principal applicant, will be entitled for the derivative diversity visa only till the 30th of September 2013.

The selected applicants are not required to act on their immigrant visa petitions immediately as they should follow the instructions that they will receive through the entrant status check, in the E-DV website.

Applicants who are already in the United States on some other legal status must contact the USCIS, if they wish to apply for adjustment of status. The USCIS will provide the required information about the procedures and requirements for adjustment of status.

The program for the fiscal year 2013 will end, after the usage of the total 50,000 visas. If the selected applicants do not get visas before the 30th of September 2013, they cannot get access to any visa benefits from their registration for the DV-2013 program. The US Department of State will publicize the dates for the DV-2014 program, in the upcoming months.



Online Immigration System – USCIS ELIS

The first phase of the electronic immigration benefits system, USCIS ELIS has been launched by the USCIS. This system will modernize and develop the filing process and the process for adjudicating immigration benefits.

The USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas says that it is a significant milestone in the history of the USCIS. He said that they had established the foundation for the web-based future of the USCIS. It will also be a basis for the immigration benefits system.

USCIS ELIS will transform the way through which the USCIS interacts with its customers. It will also modify the way through which the USCIS manages the 6-7 million applications that it receives every year.

Through the ELIS, the applicants can open a USCIS ELIS account. Through that account they will be able to apply online for an extension or to change their non-immigrant status for certain types of visas. People who are eligible to apply, include foreign nationals who wish to travel to the United States temporarily to conduct businesses, study, for tourism or to receive medical treatment.

The USCIS ELIS has also planned to enable the USCIS officers to review and adjudicate online submissions from the different agency locations across America. Previously, the USCIS customers were required to apply for various benefits via mail. Then the USCIS employees reviewed the paper files and sent the required documents between their offices in order to complete their adjudication

This new online immigration system is considered to be an important step in moving forward. In the near future, the releases will add other types of forms and will also add other functions to this system.

This system is likely to expand gradually to cover filing and adjudication for all kinds of USCIS immigration benefits. This important America’s immigration benefits system will take time and will require dedication to implement fully. USCIS expects to make adjustments and improvements according to the feedback from the users.

This process will result in the betterment of the user experience for both the USCIS customers and employees. The customers will be able to file the applications and pay the application fees online. This is one of the benefits of using USCIS ELIS.

The application processing times will be reduced and the customers will be able to update the user profiles, receive notices and their requests will also receive responses electronically. The new system is designed with tools to fight fraud and to identify national security concerns.



Who Conducts the Diversity Visa Lottery?

The US Department of State conducts the Diversity Visa Lottery program every year. Through this DV program, around 55,000 permanent resident visas are issued to entrants who are selected randomly by a computer. The registration period for the lottery is normally in October, every year.

The U.S. Department of State Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, Kentucky administers the program. The U.S. Department of State established the Kentucky center in 2000 to take over the program administration from the National Visa Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Remember that there is only one Kentucky Consular Center. Do not fall prey to other organizations using similar names as they are not connected to the Department of State or KCC. There is no submission fee or application fee charged for this program. There is a fee only when a winning lottery entrant applies for the Diversity visa. After winning the lottery and at the time of the visa application at a U.S. consular office in the applicant’s country, all the applicants (the DV entrant and dependents) have to pay a DV processing fee and an immigrant visa fee. Even if the visa is rejected, both these fees will not be refunded. However, when the visa is approved, you have to pay a separate visa issuance fee for each visa.

Recently there has been a surge in instances of fraudulent emails sent to DV applicants. The Department of State has created an awareness in the minds of the public about such fraudulent emails and notifications sent to the green card lottery applicants. The persons who send these fraudulent emails and letters pose themselves as the government agency and have an intention of extracting money from DV applicants. All applicants should be aware of such scams and information related to it is provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Applicants should know how to check the results.

The government agency has made it clear that all DV applicants will have to check their status online to know if they won or not. No notification letters will be sent. DV Entry Status Check will only be available through the Department of State site, . The Kentucky Consular Center has made it clear they will no longer mail or email winning notification letters those selected.

Winners of the lottery, if they are selected for further processing, will have to prove their eligibility for a diversity immigrant visa by completing the rest of the process. Such individuals have to fill an immigrant visa application, submit required supporting documents and forms, pay the appropriate fees, and complete a medical examination. In addition, they will be interviewed by a consular officer at the U.S. embassy or consulate to check if they qualify for a diversity visa.


America Reforms Student Work Visa Program

Changes in rules for US J-1 Summer Work and Travel (SWT) Program

The US Department of State has issued new regulations and vital reforms to the J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program. This is a program which brings more than 100,000 students from foreign colleges to the United States, every year.

These changes are a result of various allegations regarding the misuse of this student work visa program recently. The US State Department had received reports regarding the widespread misuse of the student work visa program in the year 2010.

Many the foreign students who entered the United States on US J-1 visas were found to be employed in strip clubs and many students were admitted to work under compulsion. Many other foreign students who had entered the United States on US J-1 visas were also found to be living and working in highly lamentable conditions.

The main intention of this US student-exchange program is to understand the American culture. But this program has resulted in nothing other than swaying away from the purpose for which the act created. Hence the State Department decided that new tougher rules will definitely stop such misuse of the very popular student-exchange program. New rules will make sure the foreign students who enter the United States will be treated fairly. The new rules will also see to the safety, security and welfare of the foreign students in the United States. It will also see to that the foreign students get jobs where they will interact with the Americans and get an exposure to the culture of the United States.

This US SWT program is very popular because, it attracts a large number of foreign students to enter the United States and work there for a period of four months. Around 100,000 foreign students come to the United States every year under the US J-1 Summer Work and Travel Program.

This program was created to give opportunities to the post-secondary international students to come to the United States and earn, along with experiencing the American culture, during their summer holidays.
Eligibility requirements to participate in this US SWT Program is very simple. A student who is pursuing full-time studies or a degree at any of the accredited educational institute or a bona-fide student of post-secondary education is eligible to apply for the US SWT Program.

Certain new rules will be effective immediately. Few other new rules will take effect in November. One of the significant rules which would prohibit the participants from working in manufacturing and construction industries, will also be effective in November. The rules also prohibit the participants from working in businesses in which the primary working hours are between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Few new rules are designates 49 companies the State Department as official “sponsors,” who would help the students to get visas, find jobs and housing. It will also ensure that the participants are treated decently. The State Department also wants the employers to ensure that the jobs that are offered are genuinely seasonal and temporary and it will not displace US workers. Through this program, the participants are required to come to the United States during their summer breaks.

Employers who hire foreign students over an American can save up to 8 percent because they need not pay Social Security, Medicare and unemployment taxes. The foreign students are also required to have their own health insurance.


Green Card Lottery 2014 and DV-2013 Results

Submit an entry for the DV lottery program 2014, if you are not one among the winners of DV-2013.

The results of the DV 2013 lottery program have been published by the US Department of State and the Entrant Status Check for Diversity Visa Program for DV 2013 will be available and will remain open until 30th September 2013.

In order to check the status of your DV-2013application online, you must have your entrant Confirmation Number, last and family names or Surname and the year of your Birth.

The registration for Diversity Visa Lottery 2014 is expected to commence from the month of October 2012. Similar to DV-2013, DV-2014 will also accept online applications. This lottery program is conducted by the American Government with a goal of maintaining diversity among the people in the United States. This program selects the winners by a computer generated random draw.

Applications submitted by the applicants from eligible countries will be accepted. The State Department determines the list of eligible countries to submit applications, each year and there may be changes in the list of eligible countries this year. The list of countries eligible to take part in the Green Card Lottery program, 2014, will be published by the US State Department.

Only one application must be submitted by a person to take part in the DV lottery program. Multiple entries by the same person, with his name as the primary applicant, will be disqualified.

But a husband and wife can submit separate entries, if both of them meet the education and work experience requirements related to the DV-2014 lottery program.

Failing to include your eligible dependents on your application will also lead to the denial of your application. Hence, you must be aware about the eligible dependents that you must include in your application to enter the DV 2014 program.

This diversity visa lottery program will provide 50,000 immigrant visas to the people from eligible countries. Immigrant visas will be provided to those lucky people who are qualified and the people who meet all the other eligibility requirements, in order to immigrate to the United States.

The people who submit entries for DV-14 will be allowed to check their application status, online, using the unique number that they will receive after they submit their application.

The registration dates for the DV-2014 will be announced by the Department of States sooner. Remember that a fee is not required to participate in the lottery program, you will be required to pay a visa processing fee, only if you are a winner. Avoid scams and apply for the DV 2014 Green Card lottery program, online.