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Green Card Lottery Plusses

Thu, Oct 31 10:40 PM

The Green Card Lottery is a very popular program for many reasons. Every year 50,000 people win green cards in the program and millions actually register for the program. However, people sometimes wonder what it is that sets the Green … Continue reading

Green Card Lottery Regions

Mon, Oct 28 10:52 PM

The Green Card Lottery is a popular immigration program that issues immigration visas to people all over the world for the purpose of increasing the diversity of U.S. immigration numbers. Applicants are supposed to register during the designated registration period … Continue reading

November 2 Last Day to Register for DV 2015

Mon, Oct 28 9:37 PM

The Green Card Lottery is an excellent program available for potential immigrants to come to the United States, but it won’t be any help to you at all if you don’t apply within the registration window! There is only a … Continue reading

Green Card Lottery Is Coming to a Close

Sat, Oct 26 12:23 AM

The Green Card Lottery, a diversity immigration program that was started in the 1990s, may be phased out completely over the next year to make room for other immigration programs. This year’s Green Card Lottery registration period ends on November … Continue reading

10 Days Left for the Green Card Lottery

Wed, Oct 23 6:47 PM

The Green Card Lottery will end on November 2, 2013 at precisely 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. People hoping to participate in this incredibly popular immigration program will have to wait until next year to apply again if they do … Continue reading

US Immigration

Next Steps After Winning Green Card Lottery

Tue, Sep 24 10:37 PM

After a registrant wins the Green Card Lottery they are then given the opportunity to apply for an immigration visa. However, what does a winner do after they have received their immigration visa? Preparing to Come to the U.S. The … Continue reading

Go to School in the U.S.

Thu, Sep 12 4:17 PM

The United States is full of excellent schools and Green Card holders are entitled to use these schools as much as they can. Not only are Green Card holders allowed to go to schools in the U.S., but also their … Continue reading

Diversity Visa and the U.S. Government

Thu, Sep 5 9:35 PM

The Diversity Visa Lottery is a very popular immigration program in the United States because it’s so much easier to get into than other immigration programs. Other immigration visas require applicants to already have a job arranged in America or … Continue reading

US Citizenship

Citizenship Language Test Resources

Mon, Sep 9 8:38 PM

Citizenship applicants will need to take a couple of tests to show that they are eligible for citizenship in the U.S. After an immigrant has gotten permanent residency (a Green Card) they will then have to take a language test … Continue reading

Win Citizenship through Green Card Lottery

Fri, Aug 16 10:11 PM

Why American Citizenship? United States citizenship is a highly coveted status the world over for a variety of reasons. Many people who immigrate to the U.S. eventually apply for citizenship with the USCIS. Full citizenship confers these and other benefits … Continue reading

Passport Cards

Tue, Jun 18 8:43 PM

One of the benefits of United States citizenship is that with this status you can use a United States passport. With an official US passport you can be secure in knowing that no matter where you go, the US will … Continue reading


Get Ready for Green Card Lottery

Wed, Jul 24 8:55 PM

Time Is of the Essence The next Green Card Lottery registration period is only a few months away and as anyone who has applied for the lottery before knows: time is of the essence. Registration is, of course, the first … Continue reading

Green Card Lottery Cut Off Numbers on DOS Visa Bulletin

Wed, Jul 24 5:26 PM

The Green Card Lottery cut off numbers on the DOS Visa Bulletin are effectively the upper limits for how many visas will be granted to a particular region. The 50,000 visas available through the Green Card Lottery program are given … Continue reading

Immigrant Man Wins Lottery

Tue, Mar 26 10:34 PM

Pedro Quezada won the Powerball jackpot this week at $338 million. He is choosing to accept the lump sum option for the lottery, which will then further reduce the amount of money he has won. After taxes the lump sum … Continue reading

US Visas

Visa Lottery Interview Must Haves

Wed, Sep 4 6:57 PM

Registrants for the U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery find out whether or not they have won a chance to apply for a visa in May of the year following their registration with their confirmation numbers. For the DV 2015 the registration period … Continue reading

Family Visas Ending?

Fri, Aug 30 6:36 PM

Many people who cannot use the family-based immigration program in the United States eventually turn to the Green Card Lottery. That is the Green Card Lottery’s purpose after all, to provide the opportunity for immigration to those who may not … Continue reading


USCIS Immigration Website Re-Design

Wed, Oct 30 10:23 PM

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website went through a re-design on October 30, 2013. USCIS, in its commitment to help out its customers as much as it can will occasionally update its site for ease of use … Continue reading

Online Immigration System – USCIS ELIS

Thu, May 24 6:27 AM

The first phase of the electronic immigration benefits system, USCIS ELIS has been launched by the USCIS. This system will modernize and develop the filing process and the process for adjudicating immigration benefits. The USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas says that … Continue reading