The National Benefits Center

The National Benefits Center was mainly constituted to serve as a passage for all USCIS field offices. The National Benefits Center(NBC) completes the pre-interview processing of the USCIS forms that require an interview. The NBC plays a specific role as a part of the Field Operations Directorate of the USCIS. The benefits center was found in the year 2001 and was initially called the Missouri Service Center. That is the reason why all the forms receipted by the national benefits center still begin with the receipt number prefix “MSC”. The NBC initially processed cases associated with the Legal Immigration Family Equity Act, but it started to processes numerous types of USCIS applications. NBC’s receive applications through the USCIS Lockbox facilities.

The primary function of the NBC is to prepare applications that require an interview at the USCIS field office, for adjudication. NBC’s also adjudicate certain applications for immigration benefits. NBS’s conduct background and security checks. They also review the supporting documentation submitted by the applicant to establish their eligibility. NBC’s work more for Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status and Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

While an applicant files From I-485, he will submit all the required initial evidence. The applicant will be called for an interview only after submitting the required documentation. If the evidence is missing or if it is insufficient, the NBC will issue a Request for Evidence. Form I-485, filed by the applicant will not be processed until the required initial evidence is received.

The processing of Form N-400, at the NBC will not be delayed it the required initial evidence is lacking. But the required evidence must be submitted during the interview at the Field office to avoid delay in the adjudication or denial of the application. However, the processing times of Form N-400 and Form I-485 are not determined by the NBC and is determined by the Field Office. That is because the final adjudication is conducted by the Field Office and not the NBC. Form I-485 and Form N-400 are likely to reach over a million cases in the Fiscal Year 2012. NBC processes about 20 different types of USCIS applications along with these applications.