A Successful Green Card Interview

During the process for applying for and getting a Green Card, there may be a point in time where an immigration officer wishes to talk to you personally, this is called the Green Card Interview.

While not always needed or appropriate, they are still rather regular occurrences and serve to ensure that people are not violating the system or committing immigration fraud, a serious offense.

Many immigrants ask what, if anything can they do to prepare for this interview. For job interviews people will sometimes practice questions that may be asked to gauge a person’s suitability for a position. Some people have to be interviewed for universities and they may practice vocabulary words to make the best impression they can on the recruiter.

However, in the case of a Green Card interview, what the immigration officer will be looking for is how truthful you were on your application. Generally, if you are able to communicate adequately with the officer and have all of the appropriate and original documentation with you for the interview, there should be no problem at all and you will effectively “pass” the interview.

Another part of the process that requires your presence at or near the USCIS office is the collection of biometric material. Biometrics is typically identifying features of you, such as a set of fingerprints.

After the immigration officer has collected all the necessary information, he or she will then begin the process of deciding whether or not the applying immigrant will receive a Green Card.

This decision can be made at the interview, but that hardly ever happens. Normally it takes a few months to make a decision on the application.