We Answer Questions about the Green Card Lottery

The process of applying for the Green Card Lottery, just like any other immigration process can be difficult to navigate and you may find yourself needing some help or guidance in putting together your application.

Fortunately USAGreenCardLottery.org has the answers and guidance you seek!

We regularly update our blogs and articles to feature topics that are relevant to you. Help learning about the Green Card Lottery is as close as a click away. Find information on:

Green Card Lottery eligibility

  • Important dates
  • Photograph requirements
  • Explanations of the Green Card Lottery
  • Reasons why you should enter
  • Important documents you will need in the application process
  • And loads more information.

Everyone’s immigration experience is different, though, and we understand that. It is very possible that you may have a question that has not been addressed in one of our articles yet.

However, you have the opportunity to ask your question and to help future generations of applicants in the process.

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A big part of immigrating is belonging to a new community and there certainly is a community for Green Card Lottery entrants, millions strong, in fact. By publishing this assistance we hope to help develop this community and aid it towards its goal of immigrating to the United States!