Last Year for Green Card Lottery?

Within the past year there has been a significant amount of discussion surrounding sweeping and dramatic degrees of immigration reform in the United States.

This not only impacts residents and citizens already settled in the United States, but potential immigrants who are looking to become permanent residents in the future.

The very nature of Green Cards can be significantly different after any new legislation is passed.

There are three general objectives currently being pursued by Congress:

  1. A focus on immigrants who can add to the economy and contribute to the continued success of the United States.
    Often times this manifests itself as the term STEM, which refers to a focus on immigrants with education in one of four general fields: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Even detractors of immigration reform have a difficult time arguing against intelligent people entering the United States.
  2. There are approximately 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States and if there is to be immigration reform, it must address this issue.
    Solutions to this aspect of immigration law in the United States have ranged from all out deportation to amnesty. However, it seems most likely that undocumented immigrants will be charged a fine in exchange for a pathway to legal permanent residency.
  3. The elimination of the Diversity Visa Lottery Program, otherwise known as the Green Card Lottery.
    The point of the legislation and reform of the immigration system in the United States at the moment seems to be to switch to a purely merit based immigration system. The Diversity Visa is not merit based at all and if legislation is passed in 2013 it will likely be the last year for the Green Card Lottery.

It is currently unclear whether or not this will be the last year for the Green Card Lottery. There is still a great deal of work to be applied to the legislation before it will come before the President. Though this is a time of some uncertainty it is also a period of great opportunity.

Regardless of how the legislation will pan out, one thing will be certain: there will be a Diversity Visa 2015 and the registration period will take place later in 2013. By signing up with you can register for the lottery at any time.