Cultural Activities: State Fairs

In the northern hemisphere, June brings summertime and with those three pleasantly months the tradition of state fairs follows in many states.

Many people spend a couple of weeks attending a fair in their area for entertainment and recreation and you can too after you become settled in the United States.

State fairs originated as a way for farmers to be able to compare techniques and to show off their agricultural accomplishments during the year and therefore state fairs most often occur in agriculturally important areas. This mostly includes the Midwest and the South, but it can also stretch into other states like New York.

State fairs offer a great variety of entertainments that you can peruse after paying a certain amount as an entrance fee.

  • Exhibitions. Agriculturalists and industrialists of the state display the latest and greatest in their fields for you education and entertainment.
  • Music. Concerts of all varieties from bluegrass, to country to rock and roll are frequently performed to the delight of fair-goers.
  • Food. State fair fare is traditionally a collection of unique (but not necessarily healthy for you) foodstuffs such as deep-fried Twinkies, salt-water taffy and corndogs.
  • Carnival rides. Amusement rides can be found throughout state fairgrounds where for a few tickets you can take a thrilling ride through the summer breeze.
  • Rodeos. See the daring of modern day cowboys as they pit themselves against untamed livestock. It is a bit of the thrill from when the Midwest was considered the frontier.

State fairs truly are spectacular events and they can end up being the impetus of a fantastic and memorable experience. In many ways, these events are a microcosm of America’s historical culture.

America is about new and exciting experiences, so get out there and explore American tradition to get a grip on the character of your new home.