When Can I Register for the Green Card Lottery?

On Wednesday a reader commented on the blog and asked when the registration period for the next green card lottery is and how to go about winning the lottery itself. Well, the first part of this question is rather easy to answer.

You can register for the green card lottery on October 2, 2012 at precisely noon and you will have to be quick about it because registration closes just a short month later on November 3, 2012 at noon.

The way the lottery works is you register during the registration period, the following month is used for selecting the winners randomly and then a selection notification letter will be sent to you. Generally you will schedule your visa interview one year after the start of registration. If everything goes well to this point you will then be allowed to enter the United States and get your green card!

Now, regarding tactics for increasing your chances of winning the green card lottery, you’ll have to understand what can go wrong. Forms are often rejected because they were sent in incomplete or the photographs did not conform to the rather strict standards that the State Department uses. Be sure to follow the instructions very carefully.

If you need help, USAGreenCardLottery.org offers to help you submit your green card lottery application correctly and will even notify you automatically if you win for a nominal fee. This is something the State Department does not do. The fee is well worth it because it will save you from the anxiety you might experience wondering whether or not you’ve properly applied or whether or not your application has been rejected.

Ask a question in the comments at the bottom and I’ll be glad to answer it for you in the form of a blog just like this one! Thanks Asim Philip!