Documents You Will Need for Your Green Card Interview

So, you have won the green card lottery. You’ve submitted the proper forms to the Kentucky Consular Center and now you are waiting for their reply. The letter you will get next from them will include the date of your visa interview. While you wait (indeed this might be a step that you want to start very early on) you should collect the documents that the consular officer will want to examine during your interview.

Be sure to bring one copy of each of the required documents. If they are in a language other than English you will have to have them translated and signed by the translator attesting to the translation’s accuracy. So when you show up for your interview you should have the documents in their original language as well as the translation.

  • Birth certificates. If there was no birth certificate issued you can have a notarized document signed by some witnesses of your birth. This is generally accepted as an alternative to a birth certificate.
  • Police certificates. Tomorrow’s blog will be all about police certificates, so be sure to check back.
  • Passports. To be on the safe time you might want to make copies of all previous expired passports as well as your current one.
  • Deportation documents if you have ever been deported.
  • Court and prison records, again, if you have them. Hopefully, you don’t.
  • Military records from any armed force you have served with.
  • Marriage, annulment and divorce documents to establish your marriage relationship.
  • You will also need proof that you have the required education or work experience to be eligible for a diversity visa. This can come in the form of a diploma, a certificate or other kind of document that attests to your suitability.

Please ensure that you bring all of these documents as well as copies of the forms that you sent to the Kentucky Consular Center to your interview. Good luck!