Repeat Applications and the Future of the Green Card Lottery

Many people who sign up for the Green Card Lottery do so in consecutive years. Although the Green Card Lottery may be a particularly easy program to sign up for, the popularity of the program means that the allotted Green Cards are quickly reached.

Repeat Applications

Generally, applicants’ information changes very little from year to year so it is easy to sign up for consecutive years, all one has to do is retain the information from the year before.

However, if any information has changed it is absolutely important that that information is changed on the application from year to year.

Many people believe that if they apply multiple times for one Green Card Lottery they can increase their chances of winning. However, it is very important that applicants not do this because the State Department will throw out any duplicate applications.

By filing two registration applications, immigrants effectively drop their chances to zero!

However, it is perfectly acceptable to file for consecutive years.

It should also be noted that confirmation numbers, the code given to applicants immediately after their registration in a lottery, cannot be re-used from year to year. A new application must be made every year.

Because of the relatively low cost of registering for the Green Card Lottery it is very cost effective to apply for multiple lotteries in consecutive years.

The Future of the Green Card Lottery

Immigration reform legislation in the United States Congress poses something of a threat to the Green Card Lottery program. However, it is unlikely that it will be abolished entirely.

Too many law makers find the lottery to be an important part of American immigration and immigrants should expect that the program will be around for years to come.