Green Card Lottery Alternatives? Part 2

This is part two of the blog discussing alternatives to the Green Card Lottery. Many people who are not able to apply for the below visa categories instead use the Green Card Lottery to immigrate to the United States.

Employer Sponsorship

People can also immigrate to the United States if they are able to secure a job offer. However, to do so is rather difficult.

The employer must be willing to sponsor the immigrant’s entry into the country and the employer must also prove that no one else can do the job other than the immigrant. This is to prevent companies from bringing in foreign labor at a lower cost when there are already workers in the US who are qualified to do the job.

Investment Visa

Foreign investors looking to gain Permanent Residence in the United States may apply for a Green Card if they invest a certain amount in an American business venture.

Typically the sum that must be invested is greater than 500,000.

There are a number of restrictions to this visa type that revoke the permanent residence if violated. Not many people choose to immigrate using this visa type.


Foreign nationals who suffer from persecution in their home countries or are even persecuted to an extent to not have a home country can apply for asylum in the United States.

After an examination of the applicant’s suitability for asylum or refugee status, they will be granted a Green Card.


Recently, in the United States, there has been a great deal of discussion about the 12 million residents of the United States who does not have permanent resident status or citizenship. These people are often called undocumented immigrants.

While amnesty (instant forgiveness and issuance of permanent residency) has been discussed it is more likely that these people will instead be offered a pathway to permanent residency that may take a few years.