Lottery Results for the Green Card Lottery

I’ve been hearing a lot of folks lately asking how they will know if they have won the Green Card Lottery. What this indicates to me is that there are still a few folks out there who aren’t using our helpful service! When you use we’ll let you know whether or not you have won just as soon as that information is available. It’s just one of the many useful services that we provide to our customers.

Generally, when you are checking for whether or not you have won, you would visit the State Department’s website for the Diversity Visa (Their name for it. Frankly, Green Card Lottery just sounds more fun). You would type in the confirmation number that they provided to you when you registered and it would inform you if you had won or not, whether or not you should proceed in the green card process.

If this seems like a bit of a hassle and you begin to feel some sense of trepidation regarding surfing the State Department’s site for these pages, I don’t blame you. I’m much prefer to just be informed of the matter, but the government just doesn’t do that. However, does! So although I hope that you do win the Green Card Lottery, if you don’t I seriously recommend that you let us help you through the registration and application process next time!