How Do You Get a Green Card?

People often have a rather limited idea of how to get a green card. If you are trying to gain permanent resident status in the United States you should probably know of the different ways by which you can get a green card. There isn’t just one way, you have options.

The Green Card Lottery

This immigration visa is by far the easiest route to a green card if you are eligible. If you are from a country that has a relatively low emigration rate to the United States, the State Department is much more willing to grant you a visa because if will diversify the immigration profile of the United States. Take a look at our site for more information regarding the green card lottery.

Green Card through Employment

Getting a green card through a job is probably one of the most coveted ways by which you can attain permanent status. How this works is that you find an employer in the United States who wants to employ you because they cannot find someone already in the country who can do the job and then you apply for permanent status. There are many people who get green cards through H category non-immigrant visas, so this may be an alternate route that you may want to investigate.

Green Card through Family

This green card category is much favored by the United States because it is designed to re-unite families, something that the moral character of the nation wishes to accomplish. It is also one of the more well-known routes by which someone can get a green card. People eligible for this category in descending order of priority: spouses, children and then parents. Generally, siblings or more distant relatives are not eligible for this class of immigration visa.

A Helpful E-Book to Guide You to Your Green Card

There are a few other classes of green cards that you may be eligible for though these are for rather rare and specific cases. This is intended to just give you a taste. For more detailed information on how to get a green card we offer a helpful online book that gives some pretty useful information and resources to help you further investigate your quest for legal permanent status!