Just a Reminder About Our Facebook Promotion!

So this is just a little reminder about our Facebook promotion. Remember I told you about this yesterday. If you didn’t see it just scroll down on the blog page until you find it, read it, then return here to be reminded yet again!

For summary, we’re giving away free copies of our e-book on how to get a green card when you get five of your friends to like us on Facebook. Now the operative word of the previous sentence is important here: free.

I am sure that you can find something else to spend the cost of the e-book on, 30 bucks,  during the course of the day. So we’ve put together this promotion so you don’t have to pay one red cent to learn everything you need to know about getting a green card in the United States. What can we say? We’re generous sorts.

So here’s how this works. Through coercion, favor redemption, or actual friendship get five of your Facebook friends to click the little thumbs-up icon on our Facebook page. Tattoo into your arm, carve into a wall, arrange in subatomic particles on a plate of Silicon, or simply write the list of friends down. Then, on Friday, September 21, send the list to us through Facebook and we’ll send you your free e-book. Choose for yourself how easy or difficult you’d like to make this on yourself and we’ll see you on Friday!