Green Card E-book Promotion on Facebook!

Win Free Stuff!

Yes, you read correctly, you have the opportunity to win a free e-book from this Friday if you get five friends to like us on Facebook! And who wouldn’t jump at the chance to get some free information. Granted it’s not as fun as free donuts or free pony rides, but information expands your mind and will surely make you a smarter, more competent and knowledgeable person. You’ll have instant access to all sorts of useful facts on how to get a green card in the United States. Imagine: you’re sitting at lunch with some friends and your pal, Hu, begins to complain that he’ll never understand how the green card system works, it’s just too hard. But never fear, Hu, you’re here and you know exactly how green cards work because you’ve read’s nifty and easy to understand e-book! You’ll be a national hero, a god among men or an immigration rock-star! Well, maybe you won’t be on that level of fame, but you certainly will have great resources to help yourself and your friends.

How it works is that in the days leading up to Friday September 21, 2012 we’re asking you to get your friends to like us on Facebook, five of them to be exact. On Friday when you have those five friends just message us their names so we can check and we’ll send you your free e-book. It really is that easy. Personally I’m a bit blown away. I spent a good amount of time writing that e-book and now we’re just giving it away for free? Then again, I’m no J.K. Rowling, I write to inform future immigrants about the best ways to immigrate and get green cards, not accumulate obscene scads of cash. I’m here to help you and I’m sure that this e-book will certainly help you in your efforts to gain permanent residency in the United States. The knowledge that you will be living and working comfortably in America is reward enough for me!