Green Cards Are the Key to Education Benefits

CIEMAS at Duke UniversityThere are many great benefits that go along with permanent resident status. The ability to live and work in the United States is taken for granted, but indeed those are excellent reasons to seek out a green card.

Winners of the green card lottery are not necessarily tied to a particular location in the United States. People who get employment based green cards must go where their sponsor is. Family based green card holders must go where their family is, at least for a time. But green card lottery winners are free to go wherever they choose. So how does a person choose where to go?

Well, of course one of the main considerations someone must make is based on the availability of jobs. The second being cost of living because there’s no use in having a job if one can barely afford to live while working it. And here is where many people stop. Yes, this fulfills the basic human needs, but people do not enter the United States to simply survive, no, they come here to seek a better life.

In the United States, as well as many other Western countries, a great value is placed on education. Horace Mann, an American educator, said, “Education…is the great equalizer of the conditions of men.” What Mann means by this is that education can raise your status in all kinds of ways. Through education a person has greater access to careers they find rewarding, higher pay and a greater sense of satisfaction all around.

Permanent residents of the United States have access to apply for any college they so choose and they might even be able to get scholarship funding and loans. The next big problem is which of the many schools should one attend? Raleigh, North Carolina, the subject of a recent article at, is the home to a multitude of universities, colleges and seminaries and is doubly useful because of the supporting research community surrounding it. One could potentially go to school in Raleigh and simply slide into a job in the same city when one’s coursework is completed.