Green Card Lottery Lost Confirmation Number

The moment that you apply for the green card lottery you will be presented with a webpage with a confirmation number. This number is of paramount importance, it is your identifier in the lottery. If you were to compare the green card lottery to a gambling lottery like the MegaBall the confirmation number page is equivalent to the ticket with your selected numbers. A primary difference is that the numbers on the confirmation page are selected for you by the Department of State. The values of the numbers are of no real consequence, they are simply an identifier and do not affect your chances of winning the green card lottery.

The reason for why this number is so important is because if you lose it you will not be able to get it back again, it will be lost forever. This would put a serious damper on your hopes of getting a green card, so it is very important to ensure that your confirmation number is safely stored.

An excellent way to make sure that your confirmation number will be preserved throughout the year is by using our service at When you sign up with us we guarantee that your confirmation number will not be lost, it will be securely stored and available for you to check on your application’s status at any time.

There are a variety of other ways to ensure that you will not lose your confirmation number as well which should be done during the course of your application anyway. When applying for the green card lottery you should be keeping records of all of the documents that you receive or use throughout the process including the confirmation number. You can reproduce the number on a sheet of paper, on a word processing document or you could print the confirmation page screen and save that in any format that you choose. However, none of these methods ensure the security of