10 Days Left for the Green Card Lottery

The Green Card Lottery will end on November 2, 2013 at precisely 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. People hoping to participate in this incredibly popular immigration program will have to wait until next year to apply again if they do not in the next ten days.

However, 2013 may turn out to be the last year in which people can register for the Green Card Lottery.

Congress has become increasingly vocal about ending the Green Card Lottery in the past year.

Some legislators have come to view the Green Card Lottery as being a pathway for immigration fraudsters to enter the U.S. and disrupt the immigration system. Others believe that these green cards would be better invested in highly educated people.

This is, of course, against the original spirit of the Green Card Lottery, which was established in the 90s to provide people with a way to come into the U.S. regardless of their socio-economic place in the world.

With the Green Card Lottery, an immigrant didn’t need to secure a job before coming to the United States and nor did they need already well-established family members in the country.

Hopeful immigrants from all over the world could apply to come to the United States to try their hand in the land of the free just by dint of their desire.

The Green Card Lottery is a program that gives a person a chance to apply for an immigration visa to the United States. The U.S. State Department, the organization responsible for running the lottery, considers an application a form of immigration petition.

Applicants should be careful when applying for the lottery because they will only be given one chance to apply correctly. It is recommended that Green Card Lottery hopefuls research the program well before applying.