Green Card Lottery Is a Unique Program

The registration period for the 2014 Green Card Lottery has ended, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start thinking about next year’s Green Card Lottery.

While you cannot register with the Green Card Lottery with the State Department before the registration period begins in fall of 2013 you can register with any time of year and we will make sure that your application is entered on time and correctly.

Recently, I was asked what it is that makes the Green Card Lottery so unique. The United States regularly gives out green cards for all kinds of reasons, what makes the Diversity Visa Lottery (the other name for the program) so special?

Well, the Green Card Lottery is by definition unique because it is the only immigration program in the world. Most countries grant permanent residency (the immigration benefit that goes with the actual Green Card in the American immigration system) based on either your family relationships or job placement.

Most countries will only admit you into their borders if you are directly related to someone in the country or if you have a job waiting for you and willing to sponsor your immigration. The United States does this as well, but it is not the only way for someone to enter the country.

The Green Card Lottery gives immigrants the opportunity to immigrate to the United States for no other reason than being a person who wants to come to America. The State Department compiles a list of countries that rarely send immigrants to the United States and allow them to enter for a chance to get permanent residency.

Without this program all immigrants who wished to enter the United States would have to prove that they are related to an American or secure a job before entering the country.

So don’t delay, sign up for the Green Card Lottery today and start down the path to American permanent residency and eventually citizenship.