Green Card Lottery 2014 Begins in a Week!

The Green Card Lottery for the year 2014 is to begin in a little over a week. Do not be confused by the name of the program. The reason why it is either called the 2014 Green Card Lottery or the DV-2014 is because it takes approximately two years to organize all of the paperwork and actually issue the green card to winners of the lottery. So to win a green card in 2014 you will need to apply between noon on October 2 and noon on November 3 of this year, 2012.

Though it may seem to be inconvenient to wait for two years to actually get a green card, the honest truth of the program is that it’s one of the fastest around. Many green card applicants who apply through family members or through jobs may have to wait many more years. Sometimes they will have to wait a decade for a visa number to come up for them.

The registration process is what will begin in a little over a week. After organizing the hundreds of thousands of applications from immigrants all over the world the State Department will select approximately 100,000 of these applicants to continue in the process. Winners are selected based upon immigration statistics over the past five years. Countries that send large amounts of immigrants to the United States will be barred and will have to apply for a green card through another category.

Winners are usually selected on the first day of May the year following the registration period, so May 1, 2013. However, if among the first 100,000 selected less than 50,000 are eligible for a green card, there will be a re-drawing later in the year. This is why it is especially important to retain all information pertaining to your green card lottery application.

Submitting more than one application will not help your chances of winning the green card lottery, in fact, it will get you disqualified. The only way to improve the probability of your acceptance is by filing it correctly. is prepared and standing by to help you file properly and win a United States green card!