Go to School in the U.S.

The United States is full of excellent schools and Green Card holders are entitled to use these schools as much as they can.

Not only are Green Card holders allowed to go to schools in the U.S., but also their close relatives such as spouses and children.

In order to get a Green Card one must first obtain permanent residency. This is accomplished by applying for an immigrant visa.

However, applying for an immigrant visa is not as easy as simply filing a form, one must first obtain eligibility. One such program that grants eligibility to apply for a visa is the Green Card Lottery.

As one of the most popular immigration programs in the United States, spots are limited and potential immigrants should apply as soon as possible!

K through 12

School enrollment is mandatory for children between the ages of 5 and 18. Some places allow children to end their school at 16, however, this is not in common practice.

Good grades and test scores in primary and secondary school will help children to get better jobs and enter into better tertiary schools such as colleges and universities.

Most jobs in the United States require at least a high school (12th grade) education.

Trade School

People attend trade schools to learn very specific sets of skills, typically involving some sort of manual work. Welders, mechanics and carpenters learn their professions through trade schools in the U.S.

Trade school typically begins post-graduation of high school, although some courses are taken during regular high school.

College and University

In the United States, College typically means a post-high school degree program that takes less than four years to complete. University implies degrees that take four or more years of tertiary school.

There are many excellent research institutions in the United States and Permanent Residents may attend any of them as long as they have been accepted into a program.

It has been shown through many different studies that people with college or university educations earn more money than people with only high school educations.