DV-2014 Cut-Offs Announced for November

Applicants who registered for the DV-2014 Green Card Lottery can now apply for their immigration visas.

The U.S. State Department has released its October Visa Bulletin which lists the cut-off numbers for the Green Card Lottery in November. Applicants with rank numbers below the specified regional cut-off number may apply for immigration visas at a U.S. foreign consulate.

The Diversity Visa rank number is that identification number given to immigrants when they check their status at the official DV-Lottery site.

In order to check one’s status online, one must have the confirmation number assigned to a particular registration application given during the registration period for the Green Card Lottery.

Below is a summary of the cut-off numbers for November:

  • 13,000 for Africa

  • 2,500 for Asia

  • 9,800 for Europe

  • 4 for North America

  • 375 for Oceania

  • 600 for South America and the Caribbean combined

It should be noted that there are three exceptions for African nation cut-off dates:

  • Egypt is only accepting 7,300

  • Ethiopia is only accepting 7,300

  • Nigeria is only accepting 7,500


The Green Card Lottery is an annual immigration program which provides 50,000 Green Cards to people all over the world in an attempt by the U.S. congress to further diversify immigration numbers in America.


The winners of the lottery are selected randomly by a special computer that makes sure that no more than 7% of the total Green Cards awarded are given to one particular country.


The registration period for this year’s Green Card Lottery (DV-2015) is expected to be held in October of 2013. The U.S. State Department should release the opening dates by the end of September.