Green Card Lottery: File Carefully!

The Green Card Lottery registration period is here! Millions from all over the world will be applying with the U.S. State Department for a chance to win entry to the United States.

The prize that everyone is shooting for in the Green Card Lottery is the all-important green card itself, otherwise known as the permanent resident card.

This immigration document allows immigrants to live and work in the United States for as long as they want and even collect social benefits after a period of time.

However, before filing, immigrants should do a good amount of research into registering for the Green Card Lottery. Some applicants even choose to retain third-party services to ensure that their application is as successful as possible.

Why You Should Be Careful Registering

Care should be taken during the registration period because this month long period is the only time of the year in which potential immigrants will be allowed to register for the lottery.

The State Department’s registration system only allows applicants to file once and all of the necessary information must be filed at the same time.

Any attempts to file multiple registration applications will result in the disqualification of that person!

It’s better to file correctly the first time than to file multiple times and completely lose out on the chance to win a green card.

How You Should Be Careful Registering

Before registering for the Green Card Lottery, be sure to have all relevant documents available and to have digital copies of the required photographs.’s service allows people to put together their applications at their own pace so that they do not have to file in one sitting as is required by other filing paths.