Diversity Visa Program Languages

The only official language of the Green Card Lottery is English. However, applicants can find resources to help them file for the lottery in many different languages.

The State Department

The Department of State is responsible for the management and implementation of the Green Card Lottery’s registration period. They also write the registration instructions.

This document is called the DV-2015 Program Instructions and it comes in four other languages aside from English: Polish, Romanian, Turkish and Uzbek.

It should be noted that even though the instructions are written in these languages, the only official version of the instructions remains in English.

The State Department urges applicants to check in later for further translated versions of the Green Card Lottery instructions.

Other Translations

Using one’s internet browser, it is possible to obtain additional translations of the instructions. One method may be to copy the instructions into an online translator and set it to one’s desired language.

The Registration Process

The online application which registrants are expected to use when entering the Green Card Lottery will be rendered in only English. All answers must be written in English as well.

Winners of the Green Card Lottery will be asked to supply supporting documentation. These other documents must be made available in English as well.

Copies of the original documents and copies of the translation must be included in the visa application. The translator must also sign a document affirming that they did the best job they could when translating these documents.