Diversity Visas: A Chance to Show Entrepreneurial Spirit

Hispanic EntrepreneurAn important theme in discussions about immigration policy is the entrepreneurship of recent immigrants. It’s largely the reason why there has been a recent, but pathetically failed, attempt to do away with the Green Card Lottery, a diversity program that gives permanent resident status to immigrants from places that do not send many immigrants to the United States. The argument was that green cards should be granted to people who can demonstrate that they have the entrepreneurial drive to improve on the United States economy.

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Likely part of the reason that the idea to get rid of the Green Card Lottery failed was because the United States already provides visas for entrepreneurs and the like. Additionally, it should be noted that there is a failing behind the logic that diversity visa winners won’t be productive. Someone who goes through the effort to find the Green Card Lottery, apply for it, win it and then enter the United States has already demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit!

This spirit is not a quality that has a limited quantity, no, the capitalistic desire to better one’s standing in life is not exhaustible and the people of the United States are acutely aware of this. Another essential American value is that of self-reliance, and recent statistics released by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services suggest that recipients of green cards through the Diversity Visa program often enter the United States on their own and it is this trend that also suggests the self-reliant nature of these recent immigrants. Americans admire these qualities, the drive and determination of a person to make the world a better place for all.

The Green Card Lottery, which starts today, October 2, 2012, at noon Eastern Daylight Time, is a program that allows people who have that drive that Americans so value to enter the United States and show their abilities. Not everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate what they naturally feel, what they are naturally capable of, and it is the Diversity Visa program that allows people to demonstrate this after they enter the United States.