Online Immigration System – USCIS ELIS

The first phase of the electronic immigration benefits system, USCIS ELIS has been launched by the USCIS. This system will modernize and develop the filing process and the process for adjudicating immigration benefits.

The USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas says that it is a significant milestone in the history of the USCIS. He said that they had established the foundation for the web-based future of the USCIS. It will also be a basis for the immigration benefits system.

USCIS ELIS will transform the way through which the USCIS interacts with its customers. It will also modify the way through which the USCIS manages the 6-7 million applications that it receives every year.

Through the ELIS, the applicants can open a USCIS ELIS account. Through that account they will be able to apply online for an extension or to change their non-immigrant status for certain types of visas. People who are eligible to apply, include foreign nationals who wish to travel to the United States temporarily to conduct businesses, study, for tourism or to receive medical treatment.

The USCIS ELIS has also planned to enable the USCIS officers to review and adjudicate online submissions from the different agency locations across America. Previously, the USCIS customers were required to apply for various benefits via mail. Then the USCIS employees reviewed the paper files and sent the required documents between their offices in order to complete their adjudication

This new online immigration system is considered to be an important step in moving forward. In the near future, the releases will add other types of forms and will also add other functions to this system.

This system is likely to expand gradually to cover filing and adjudication for all kinds of USCIS immigration benefits. This important America’s immigration benefits system will take time and will require dedication to implement fully. USCIS expects to make adjustments and improvements according to the feedback from the users.

This process will result in the betterment of the user experience for both the USCIS customers and employees. The customers will be able to file the applications and pay the application fees online. This is one of the benefits of using USCIS ELIS.

The application processing times will be reduced and the customers will be able to update the user profiles, receive notices and their requests will also receive responses electronically. The new system is designed with tools to fight fraud and to identify national security concerns.