Passport Services

When applying for passport services there are a few different options that you can take advantage of. The following organizations and offices can help you with many passport related services, such as:

  • Applying for your first passport.
  • Applying for a passport renewal.
  • Replacing a lost, stolen or severely damaged passport.
  • Correcting information on your passport.
  • Get a passport card.

The US State Department

The State Department is the go-to organization for the application of passports in the United States as it is this organization which issues the documents.

You can contact the State Department by mail to make your application or you can use one of the many Passport agencies located throughout the United States.

In order to use one of the Passport agencies you will have to make an appointment with their local office and be able to submit proof of international travel within two weeks of applying for your passport. You will also need to file with the accompanying expedited fee to apply at one of the Passport Agencies.

Your Local Post Office

Routine passport requests can often go through one of the standard Passport Acceptance facilities. These are typically Post Offices, but they can also be libraries or other government facilities.

These facilities are useful because they often also provide passport photograph services. The requirements for passport photos are very strict and it is convenient to have a photographer with experience in taking them handy.

City Clerk Office

Local government offices will sometimes offer passport services to citizens. You can find out where you can obtain a passport by contacting your city clerk’s office.