Citizenship Language Test Resources

Citizenship applicants will need to take a couple of tests to show that they are eligible for citizenship in the U.S.

After an immigrant has gotten permanent residency (a Green Card) they will then have to take a language test and a civics test.

Language Test

The language test will examine how well the citizenship applicant can read, listen to, speak and write in the English language.

Citizens do not need to be perfect at this skill, but they do have to be somewhat competent. Below are some useful ideas from the USCIS that may help immigrants prepare for this test:

  • Flash Cards for reading and writing. A flash card is a sheet of paper with a question on one side and the answer on the other. They may be shuffled to further help one study. An example question may be “Capital” and on the other side of the card the definition should be written.
  • Vocabulary lists. These lists will be full of commonly used phrases and words in the English language with definitions accompanying them.
  • Self-tests. Do your own self-examination to see how well you do! By understanding where you need more help you will be able to focus your studying better.

Civics Test

The second part of the citizenship test involves civics.

Civics is a common class in American high schools that teaches people about the U.S. government, geography, society and culture.

The USCIS provides a study guide for civics that includes all 100 questions that may be asked on the actual test.

In depth study of this guide will most certainly lead to an excellent understanding of American civics and a higher chance of success on the test.