What Can You Do with a Green Card?

A Green Card is an U.S. immigration document that gives a person permanent resident status.

A permanent resident has many rights conferred to them, some of which are listed below.

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Green Card holders (permanent residents) have the right to work in the United States without any such limitations as the need for a work permit.

However, in order to get a job, immigrants will likely be required to provide proof of their permanent residency with a copy of their green card.

Permanent residents must also apply for a social security number and pay for taxes, which in turn pay for invaluable services throughout the United States.


Permanent residents do not need to get study permits in order to study in the United States, unlike other non-U.S. residents.

The United States is known for having some of the best universities and learning facilities in the world. Getting an education is an almost guaranteed boost to a better job and a better life.

Helping Family Members Immigrate

Permanent residents of the United States can help their relatives immigrate to the U.S., which would help bring families together and make the transition to a new country all the more easy.

Become a Citizen

After a while of being a permanent resident in the United States, immigrants can apply for full citizenship, which comes with many different benefits such as:

  • Citizens cannot be deported
  • Relatives of citizens do not have to wait as long to become permanent residents
  • Citizens can vote in elections and participate in the democratic process

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