Understand the Green Card Application Process

When somebody applies for the Green Card Lottery, the process for applying for a green card is much the same. However, it is still helpful to understand how the system works. This blog aims to educate immigrants looking to make the United States their new home and learning about application methods could very well be indispensable information.

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status refers to the situation in which a person can apply for a green card while inside of the United States. In this circumstance the applicant applies directly at the USCIS office.

There are some situations in which one can file for a green card in the United States, but these situations are relatively rare. In most cases when one enters the US without immigration intention they must then leave the country at the end of their visa validity.

People who enter the United States with dual intent visas can sometimes apply for adjustment of status. Dual intent is when one enters the US on a nonimmigrant visa that does not restrict one from being an immigrant as well.

The form used in adjustment of status is Form I-485, Application for Adjustment to immigrant status.

Consular Processing

Consular processing is the most common way to apply for a green card for winners of the Green Card Lottery. In this process, potential immigrants apply for their visas and green cards at the nearest US embassy or consulate to their current location.

This step is most often taken after it has been confirmed that a potential immigrant has either won the Green Card Lottery or has had their immigration petition approved and current.