Top Ten Reasons to Live in the United States

The Green Card Lottery is a great way to immigrate to the United States. Here are ten reasons why you should come to America.

Enduring, Stable Government

For over two hundred years the government of the United States has endured as a successful democratic-republic in the world representing stability and strength. Though the country changes and the world changes around it, the United States remains competent and stable.

Diversity of Climates and Landscapes

It truly is amazing how many different landscapes there are within the United States. Cityscapes of all varieties dot the country as if it is a bioluminescent animal, verdant farmland stretches from corner to corner, deserts rest in contemplative solitude, and luscious forests stand proudly throughout the country.


The economy of the United States is one of the strongest in the world and is the center for all variety of innovation in a multitude of fields. Most recently computer technology has been particularly popular and America is home to Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, just to name a few.


Every person between the ages of five and 18 are allowed to go to school, indeed, children must go to school from age five to 16 in most states. Education is considered the great equalizer in the United States, giving everyone the same opportunities to be successful.


Aside from American arts, music and design they are also genuinely nice people. They are social people but also put a lot of value into self-reliance among other convictions such as freedom to religion and speech.

Religious Freedoms

When the United States was first established the need for religious freedom was immediately recognized and explicitly placed into the Constitution. In America one can practice any religious belief they so choose or no religion at all.

Freedom of Speech

Being able to speak one’s mind is a very important value to Americans and it also extends to a freedom of the press where Americans are allowed to publish whatever they wish. The government cannot censor publishers because the beliefs they write about are contrary to its current platform.


America is also a very safe place to live. Every place in the United States has multiple layers of police protection from the federal level (the FBI) down to your friendly local Sheriff or smiling police officer.

Multicultural Locales

By nature the United States is a place made up of immigrants and many of the cultures from which these people come from retain a certain level of independence from the national culture. This is most easily illustrated by the wide variety of ethnic cuisine one can find in every city in America.

That Indescribable American-ness

Every American can tell you that there is a certain feeling or sentiment that cannot be simply stated, but rather it is an overall feeling of goodwill and camaraderie in the air. Immigrate with the Green Card Lottery and you can feel it too!